Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Food in the Sink

The behavoir of other people can sometimes be perplexing. Take my step-brother, for instance. Well, I think it was my step-brother. I could be someone else, since I never saw him do it, but the evidence is definitely there. Anyway, every once in a while I'd go to the sink to wash a few dishes, and I'd find a plate or a bowl with a significantly unfinished portion of a meal. I can understand that he might have been in a hurry, or perhaps he just wasn't as hungry as he thought. Still, the proper place for food you don't think anyone is going to eat is the trash. And this morning, I found an entire slice of pizza sitting on a plate in the sink. I just left it there, but it looked fine to me. No noticeable bite marks or anything. Maybe he dropped it on the floor or something. I don't know. If the only thing wrong with it was that he reheated it, I think it would've been perfectly acceptable to put it back in the fridge. If it looked used, I would've thought to throw it out, but now I'm just mystified. What's putting it in the sink going to accomplish, anyway?


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Monday, February 13, 2006

*Stops Banging Head Against Wall*

I believe some of you might be interested in the situation of my education. Somewhere around SuperBowl XL, I discussed how I thought I signed up online for classes in December only to find out the day before classes start that I only filled a virutal shopping cart without taking it to check out. The process now involved going to each class on the first day, getting an add slip, taking said add slip to enrollment services so they can officially add the class, and taking the add slip back to the teacher. Repeat until you've signed up for all your classes.

Using this process, I got into four of the six classes I wanted. That includes the Creative Writing class, or more accurately my Advanced Fiction Writing class, which didn't have nearly as long a waitlist as I thought. The only classes I didn't get were ones I didn't show up for. Go fig. They were the Total Fitness class, which I didn't think would be worth the effort, and the Beginning Voice class, because my bus didn't show up. I thought I had missed my Popular Songwriting course, which was in the same room at the same time on a different day, only to discover I mistook it for my Beginning Voice class.

For those of you keeping score, this is my current schedule:
The Art of Play Reading - Mondays and Wednesdays, 9:30 AM to 11 (ironically, nothing to do with voice acting)
Abnormal Psychology - Mondays and Wednesdays, 2:30 PM to 4 (Oh, I hope we learn about Dissociative Identity Disorders! *Crosses fingers*)
Advanced Fiction Writing - Tuesdays, 6 PM to 9:10 (Maybe this time I'll actually write for six hours a week!)
Popular Songwritting - Wednesdays, 7 PM to 10:10 (The coolest part? I only have to write one song for the entire semester!)

Here's my fantasy for my Songwriting course: Y'see, at the end of the semester, I have to turn in the song in the form of a performance, either live or recorded. Meanwhile, my brother's girlfriend is the manager of a little-known Psychobilly band called the Formaldabrides (I wish I knew if I was being ironic). I'm hoping I can get them to perform my song. Live would be great, but recorded would be good, too. Of course, I don't know if I can retain the rights to my song...

Meanwhile, I'll probably be spending about three dollars a week printing out four copies of my stories for my Advanced Fiction Writing course, and since my mom stopped sending my money after she left her job to move back in with her parents and keep Grandma company (she has feelings of isolation due to Grampa being hard of hearing), I'll have to get a job of my own. This had me feeling kinda edgy, since it would most certainly interfere with homework and my internet addiction. Then I found out the college's computer lab is looking for office assistants. I figure that being in the college's computer lab, where I'll be printing out my work anyway, wouldn't interfere too much with my school work and getting out of the house might help focus on my writing, so I picked up an application. I wonder if I can put some of my paycheck directly into my print account...

it's all good

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

*Bangs Head Repeatedly Against Wall*

First, I would like to start off this post with some tension-releiving cusswords.


God fucking dammit.

God fucking Jesus fucking Christ.

For the luva fucking... fucking... FUCK.

God dammit.

God FREAKIN' dammit.

Dammit, dammit, dammit.

God DAMMIT all. Dammit all to Hell.

Okay, now that I've gotten that out of the way...

Before the end of last year, I went on-line and signed up for classes. Their system was a little different from last year, but it seemed intuitive enough. Or so I thought. I signed up for classes and confirmed my choices.

Or so I thought.

So then February 2006 rolls around, and my schedule hadn't arrived yet. In fact, I received nary a correspondance from my local college. My step-brother, on the other hand, has recieved three letters from them, probably junk. "How odd," I thought to myself, and wondered when they were going to send me my schedule. Thus, I waited until yesterday (Saturday, February 4, 2006) for it to arrive. Since they don't deliver mail on Sundays and classes start Monday, I waited until this morning to look my classes on-line so I can copy down the room numbers.

I logged in and clicked on the link that took me directly to my schedule.

The schedule was empty.

"What the Hell?" I thought. I figured it was just some odd nuance of the system. As classes hadn't actually started yet, perhaps the system didn't think I had an actual schedule yet. Thus, I poked around the site a bit to see where else I could find the classes I thought signed up for.

I clicked on my Course History.

It only went up to Fall 2005.

I checked my schedules for last Fall and Wintersession, thinking that maybe I had accidently signed up for the wrong semester.

I hadn't.

So, going for broke, I clicked on "Drop Classes," hoping to see a list of classes I signed up for. The classes I had chosen were all still listed there, with information on where to go at what time. There were two tables on the page. The one at top, labled as "Preferred Courses," had all the data and next to each course name was a drop down menu. In each drop-down menu were four options: The first was blank, the second was "Register," the third was "Remove from List," and the fourth was "Waitlist." The table below that was labeled "Current Registrations."

I was looking at a shopping cart.

For those of you woefully uninformed, an on-line shopping cart is not unlike a physical shopping cart. It allows you to go around an on-line store and keeps track of the items you wish to purchase until you either remove them from the cart or buy them all together. If you don't do anything with them, they just sit there forever. My college's on-line registration worked on the same principle.

Now, I'm pretty sure I didn't just throw the courses into the cart and expect the clerk to follow me out of the store with them. From my foggy recollection of what I did a couple months ago, what I believe happened was that I saw them on the list and assumed it was a list of classes I registered for, perhaps awaiting automatic processing in a queue. Or, maybe, I clicked the confirmation button at the bottom, expecting the default option to be "Register." There's no telling what bone-headed decision I made, but something tells me I just didn't look at the page hard enough. How was I supposed to know it wasn't going to register by default, other than actually looking at the drop-down list? Perhaps it's just victim mentality, but I think they could've made it a little more obvious.

Well, I suppose there are at least two good things about this major blunder:
1) The books I hadn't bought yet are the least of my worries.
2) I now have more time to look for a job.

Bad things:
1) Having to suffer the indignity of showing up for class to see if I can get an add slip for late registration...
2) ... Only to be turned away because the class is full. The creative writing class I signed up for, for example, has a waitlist to get on the waitlist.
3) In not having a class this semester, I'll need to re-enroll if I want to take one next semester.
4) I'll have to find a job.

All things considered, though, there was one major deception, though not an intentional one. See, when I signed up for classes I was also able to pay for them on-line. Also, when my college raises tuition fees they still expect me to pay the difference eventually. So when I payed for the classes I thought I signed up for, I was actually paying for last semester's classes. So when my credit card bill arrived with three hundred dollars going to my college, I figured those were for my current classes. Although, now that I think of it, at the time I did wonder how much of that went to pay for last semester.

Well, hopefully there'll be less ambiguity next semester, if there is one. This time, I'll know that there's a shopping cart when registering, and I'll be able to pay for rising tuition costs as soon as I know about them.

But now I wonder if it isn't too late to apply for the San Francisco Academy of Art College...

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