Tuesday, June 21, 2005

New MultiPets Post Up, Webcomic is Dead Again

Yeah, I've got a new MultiPets post on the MultiPets blog. I only put one there because I told my Fiction class about it, but I do intend to put more on.

As for the webcomic, my heart just isn't in it. I find that happens to me a lot. I start something, lose interest, and never work on it again. Of course, purposely not working on it so I can focus on homework over the semester didn't help much, either. I still have an idea or two, but I'm not as excited about it anymore. The magic's just gone and I don't think I care enough to get it back. Hell, I don't even feel like fixing the main page anymore.

I started reading Twisted Kaiju Theater recently, but only on the off-chance there was an on-going saga starring the Kaiju Girls hidden somewhere among the photo-comics starring Godzilla toys. Sure, there were some black-and-white K-Girl comics, but nothing on the magnitude of plot suggested by some of the profiles in the gallery. I figured as such after reading the first year of strips in their five or so year-long archive.

Quick Japanese vocabularly lesson: "Kaiju" means monster, and is used as a blanket term to describe Godzilla and his ilk. A better term, as their FAQs suggest, is "Daikaiju," which means giant monster or great monster or something. The Kaiju Girls, or "K-Girls," are sexy and frequently nude female anthromorphizations of Daikaiju that can be found in the site's K-Girl gallery. In case it's necessary for you to know, a lot of the art and fanfics are pornographic in nature, and some may even be considered pedophilia (Imomu, in particular). I drew a few K-Girls myself, but I've lost interest in coloring them in since, last I checked, Shin-Goji (the site's owner) is no longer accepting new characters. Plus, one of them was Gamera, which he seems to have something against. She is hot, though.

I have a picture of one of them up on my website, actually, but since she's not based on an established character I don't think I can really call her a K-Girl. She's more of an anthromorphic coyote. Granted, I could say she's based on Ralph (I think his name is) from the video game Rampage, but her coloration is all wrong. I think I put the pictures here. Whattaya think? Shaggadelic, or just shaggy?

Let's see... I wish I had something else to say... Aw, well. Here's another test result... Oh, yeah, and my usenet access is just fine now. It's just painfully, painfully slow.

Purple! You have purple eyes! You're a dreamer,
artist, poet, whatever. You enjoy all forms of
art and literature, and tend to be quite good
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