Friday, September 02, 2005

Pokemon: Special Operations

My latest pet project is Pokemon: Special Operations (or PokeOps for short), a webforum-based role-playing game set in the Pokemon world. My desire to start this project began shortly after joining the Mega Man Crosswars RP forum. In one of their non-rp boards, they had a thread devoted to the advertisement of forums own by the players. By golly, if all that concentrated "I've got a forum" didn't get my poser-juices flowing. When one of the players started their own Legend of Zelda RP forum, I started thinking about what subject matter my RP forum would be.

Of all the game I like to play and all the shows I like to watch, only a few struck me as something I knew enough about to run on my own board: Pokemon, Digimon, MedaBots, and my very own MultiPets. As much as I would've liked to start a MultiPets RP forum, precious few people know about it as well as I do, and I'm still in the dark about the details myself. I had always wanted to join a MedaBots RP, but that show's been gone so long I doubt anyone would be interested in playing. (Although, I suppose I could ask around...) The Digimon anime was kinda dead for a while, but now they're showing movies for it again and the manga and card game have still been going strong in Japan. That means there are several new Digimon I know nothing about and will most likely continue not to without serious instruction in the Japanese language. Plus, no one's playing that Digimon RP in my Digimon newsgroup anymore.

That leaves Pokemon. Pokemon clearly still has a good fanbase, as evidenced by the existance of so many games and the upcoming Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness game for the Game Cube. Even the Pokemon RP, PokeWars, in my Pokemon newsgroup still has a few players in it, and it's, like, five years old now. If there's one thing it means, it means I combine the organizational convenience of webforums like Mega Man Crosswars with the rules and spirit of the the PokeWars newsgroup RPG. All I have to do is rewrite the PokeWars FAQ/Rules so it can be divided into multiple posts in different sections of the board. This is giving me a bit of a problem, as I can't figure out what needs to be expressly stated. Maybe I should play it safe and make posts regarding everything.

I'm also trying to work on the name. I'm trying to think of one that might not already be taken by another website but still had the same connotation as PokeWars. That's how I came up with Pokemon: Special Operations. PokeOps sounds silly, parodies game titles with "Ops" in them, and sounds to me like something other sites might disregard. I should probably actually look around, though, in case "Pokemon Revolution" hasn't already been taken.

All I really need is a board. Currently, all the message boards I go to are Invision boards. While clearly an excellent choice, as proven by it's popularity, this makes me want to use a completely different host. Guess on some level, I'm a non-conformist. I see three choices here: 1) EZBoard. I already have an account there from when I used to go to boards hosted there (apparently), and I can use that account to make my own board. Unfortunately, they have a clear preference for me to buy a board and they don't tell me how long the free trial lasts. (I'm going to check their FAQ later, though, if I can find it). 2) Proboards. I hear this is an excellent choice. Unfortunately, I can't remember who I heard it from or if I can trust their input. 3) XSOrbit. I've never heard of them before, but I like their name.

It's also been suggested that I ask the admins of Nintendo's own forums to host the game, since their lively forums should give me a steady influx of new gamers. I'm not comfortable with the idea though. I haven't read their forum, but I have seen it, and I'm not sure if I want to invest my time there. Then again, I don't really know if I want to invest my time with my own board, but this somehow seems like more fun.

So, if you have any ideas, suggestions, or comments, feel free to lay them on me. I'm pretty sure my blog will accept comments from everybody, and I may even give a reply.

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