Monday, January 02, 2006

White Elephant Update

For those of you who don't know, a White Elephant event is where all the participants bring gifts for no one in particular and everyone takes turns selecting and opening them. This can result in a lot of gag gifts. My family sets the price bar pretty low, so you see a lot of Dollar Store stuff, rummage sale junk, and crap people didn't want taking up space in their house anymore. Last year, someone got an old car radio in the box of the radio that replaced it. The quality varies, of course.

Here's what I got:
*A cap from some transportation company
*a blank postcard
*a little, foam Hertz rental car (possibly a stress toy)
*a single bag of microwavable popcorn
*a CD of Hannukah songs
*the sci-fi book The Howling Stones by Alan Dean Foster
*the sci-fi book Lacey and His Friends by David Drake
*a "Cool Junk" Grime Buggy toy ("This junk ain't junk. How cool is that!")
*a decorative Japanese fan. My sister wanted it real bad, so I traded it for...
*a J!nx t-shirt that reads, "I am not a Geek, I'm a level 12 paladin." Unfortunately, I'm the only one that brought shirts.

Also, my dad's girlfriend forgot didn't get to bring us gifts for Christmas due to confusion about what was going to be happening at the White Elephant party, so she gave us our gifts today. I got another cool shirt out of it. It's one of those tacky, Hawaiian numbers. It's got a real cool design.

Incidently, I also brought four other J!nx shirts to this party. They read, "Carpe Noctem: Seize the night", "The first rule of Computer Club is no one talks about Computer Club", and my personal favorite: "Jesus saves... (on back)...and only takes half damage." Granted, only me and my brother even understood the reference without an explanation, but everyone thought it was funny once it was explained to them. I didn't bring more, since I wanted to keep costs down and certain other reasons. The shirts I considered bringing were, NPC, "You are so off my buddy list", "[Please wait while image loads...]", 42, and, another personal favorite, "I cast level 10 Rock Your World".

Well, I can't think of anything to add, except that my computer sucks. Aside from the viruses that riddle it due to a complete lack of viral protection (my fault, really), it's a wuss when it comes to power outages. While I was typing this up, the power went out for less than a second. Not enough for the VCR to forget what time it was, but just long enough for the computer to shut off, reboot, and run scan disk. Now that sucks.

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