Saturday, July 29, 2006

Who Needs MySpace?

I'm pretty sure I don't, but I've been considering gettting an account there recently. My step-brother's girlfriend asked me if I had a MySpace account, which I don't. She seems to think highly of it. Then again, it's probably the only site she goes to on a regular basis. Should I join something like that if I'm already a member of so many message boards? Let me show you just how many places I go on the internet pretty on a daily basis.

First, since I have dial-up, I log on through CompuServe to check on my e-mail and read some headlines.
Then, I open up Outlook Express to read the e-mail in my Hotmail Account.
After that, I use the Mail & Newsgroups application in my Netscape 7.1 browser to read the e-mail in my Netscape account, as well as newsgroups,, and alt.creative.writing.
Then, in the Netscape browser proper, I visit (in no particular order):
The Mega Man Crosswars RP board
The Fiction Writer's Guild Google group
My Pokemon: Special Operations RP board (which would be a full-time job if I had more members)
The Legend Saga message board
The Kingdom Hearts RP board
The Forums
The Pocky and Sugar message board (the head admin's a friend of mine <_<)
The Dream Keeper's Epitaph forums
The Province message board
Adventure Quest
Dragon Fable
Nation States
Twisted Kaiju Theatre
Pulp Pixels
Bob and George
Sluggy Freelance

... and maybe some other webcomics I might consider catching up on, having not read them since February 10, 2005.

So why would I even be considering going to MySpace? I suppose it's the romanticized notion that it'd get me a girlfriend (no pun intended). I've been feeling lonely, or at least sexually frustrated, for a while now, and they're always talking about those MySpace hook-ups, so I'm figuring if they could do it, so could I. I'm pretty sure the places I go now are mostly sausage parties, and if there are any girls I don't feel particularly confident about trying to pick them up. Then again, if I'm not confident picking up girls where I already hang out, how would MySpace be any better? I think another romanticized (again, no pun intended) notion of mine is that some girl is going to just stumble onto my page and that's going to be the start of something. That's incredibly unlikely, but then it'd be impossible if I don't allow the opportunity.

I'm tempted to waste my time with it, but I don't know if I have the time to waste. On top of these sites, I'm also kinda trying to find a job. I was able to get an interview with Sears, but they filled the position I was going after before they could call me in for a second interview. Aw, well. Not like I wanted to be a cashier, anyway.

Oh, and I found these on my harddrive the other day. I feel like doing something a little different today, so I thought I'd show off my Pocket Bishoujo catches...


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